Step With Purpose

Let our core values inspire you

We’ve taken an everyday essential and turned it into a powerful statement accessory with a truly inspirational purpose behind each pair. Our founder discovered a clothing item where quality, fashion and creativity had been neglected and overlooked for years.

Fast forward a few years to 2019 and we’re now attracting and collaborating with the worlds largest organisations. You see the Swanky difference is more than one thing. Beauty, function, comfort and quality coming together in the culmination of years spent perfecting our socks;

Designed with Distinction, Made with Integrity and Delivered with Efficiency.

Let our core values inspire you

Let our actions inspire you

Swanky don’t just make socks,
we create them.
Beautifully designed and crafted they express all that is unique, All that is you.
Let them embody your individuality.
A refection of your passion mirrored in ours.

Live a Swanky Life

Be who you want to be.
Work hard with unrelenting passion.
Let our socks lighten your step in all that you do.
From work to your social life in one fluid movement.
Step out with purpose wearing Swanky.

Purpose beyond Commerce

All of our socks are ethically made.
They’re as good to the world as they are to you. Our social responsibility is a significant part of our business.

We know that we walk our planet together.
So for every pair you buy online, we donate another to those in need.

Together we can create change.

We donate one pair of bamboo socks to those in need, for every pair sold online.

Our purpose has always been to inspire change and what better way to inspire change then by helping someone in need.

Our business is built on transparency and creating change to the people that need it most. At Swanky socks, we’re dedicated to doing our part to help those in need. For every pair you purchase online, we will dedicate another pair of fresh, clean and new socks to those in need through our charity partners.

Click to learn more about exclusive partner, Orange Sky Laundry.