The Gift That Gives Back

The Gift That Gives Back

Around 116,000 people will wake up on Christmas morning in tents, cars, or on trains, buses or the streets. Although the holiday period is synonymous with charity, we can sometimes still lose sight of those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. At Swanky Socks, we are committed to positively impacting the lives of those within our community through a one for one donation with every retail purchase. With over 80,000 pairs of socks donated and counting, you can help us increase the reach of our Give-Back program this Christmas. For every pair of socks you buy, we donate a pair to someone in need.

Why Do We Give Back?

Our give-back program was developed through our purpose beyond commerce. We are constantly supported by our community, and we aim to return the favour. The main goals of our giveback program are;

  • To create a purpose beyond commerce within our actions
  • To inspire change through setting an example
  • To positively impact and strengthen our community.

Why Socks?

It is not widely known, but socks are one of the most requested items in homeless shelters around the world, and unsurprisingly they are one of the least donated. Besides comfort socks offer a variety of essential health benefits such as; preventing the spread of bacteria, protecting cuts, wounds and sores from infection, and warmth during cold nights. 

Give A Gift That Gives Back

There are many ways that you can touch the lives of others this holiday period, why not gift someone the gift that gives back. Already purchased some Swanky Socks? There are more ways you can help. Spread the message, get your friends, your family, your colleagues on board. Together we can not only set the standard for how businesses should act within their communities but also positively impact the lives of those around us.

Learn more about our give-back program here, or read more into our purpose beyond commerce here.

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