Orange Sky donation from Swanky Socks

There are 116,000 people in Australia experiencing homelessness.

We are helping to positively give those experiencing homelessness fresh clean socks.

Where We Donate

Swanky Socks has partnered with some amazing friends within Australia and around the world. Since 2016 we have donated socks to Mission Australia, Homelessness NSW, Family Comunity centres, Orange Sky Laundry, Every Little Bit Helps, Little Care Packs & Give It.

Thanks to our charitable friends, our socks are able to reach those that need them most.

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The Facts

Socks are considered one of the most wanted clothing items in homeless shelters yet the least donated. Those in need simply don’t have the luxury of replacing socks daily and therefore over time, hygiene can have a serious impact. Something as simple as a fresh, clean pair of socks can go a long way; Protecting cuts and wounds from infection, to providing warmth during cold nights. Or, something as simple as offering some extra comfort. The smallest of items can have a significant impact.