How Do Socks Fit Into Your Marketing Funnel?

How Do Socks Fit Into Your Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is one of the most crucial concepts for marketers to understand in relation to their business. For those who don’t know, the marketing funnel describes your customer’s journey with you. It maps their route to conversion from the initial stages where they are beginning to learn about your business, to their purchase. This knowledge is essential as it enables marketers to understand what tactics are best utilised at certain stages to influence their customer to progress through their funnel. Custom promotional products, such as custom socks, have been rapidly increasing in popularity, as a marketing tool. They offer a cost-effective and sustained exposure to your audience, effectively persuading them to progress through your marketing funnel. 

Awareness stages:

During awareness stages of your marketing funnel, customers are learning about you and your products and/or services. Your potential customer has a problem they need to be solved, and at this stage, it is a marketers job to help potential customers recognise that their business can help them solve this problem. Custom promotional products are an effective way to achieve exposure for your brand, increasing brand awareness while aligning your brand with quality. This can easily lead to lead capture/generation.

Consideration Stages:

Once your customer is informed about your company and what you do, they enter the consideration stage. Custom promotional products are not only cost-effective, but they offer sustained exposure. This is effective for two reasons. Firstly, opposed to broadcast, social media, or out of home advertising techniques, where costs increase parallel to exposure, promotional products offer the same sustained exposure at an affordable one-time price. Secondly, they offer a much higher chance for multiple touchpoints between your brand and customers.

Take custom socks; there are at least 5 touchpoints each time your potential customer uses them.

  1. When they put them on
  2. When they take them off
  3. When they wash them
  4. When they put them away
  5. Every time they open their sock drawer.

Conversion Stages & Beyond:

After conversion, marketers have the opportunity to continue and cultivate the relationship with a customer much further. Promotional products do so much more than traditional forms of advertising and brand awareness as they make interaction with a company feel personal. Utilising custom promotional products can help your company sustain and develop relationships with customers, leading to re-conversion. Additionally, the continued development of this relationship creates advocacy for your brand, generating new leads that will enter your funnel.

It is essential to make sure your promotional product strategy aligns with your brand. By aligning your brand with Swanky Socks your company can establish itself as a brand that is bold, confident and not afraid to think differently. We have taken everyday essential and turned it into a marketing powerhouse item with a genuinely inspirational purpose behind each pair. Click here to discover what Swanky Socks can do for your brand today.

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