Creating Brand Value

Creating Brand Value

Brand value goes well beyond the products or services you sell, and further still than just a memorable logo or company image. The best brands are built on a strategy consisting of; a strong idea, quality, trust, and maintaining the brand’s beliefs and values. Engaging in a variety of tactics, we have increased our brand value in the eyes of our customers. Subsequently, by creating a valued and respected retail range, we can then provide a custom product with a greater perceived value because these days people buy brands, not products. 

How we curated brand value:

Providing Quality:

One of the primary indicators of brand value with consumers is the quality of the product or service you provide. It doesn’t matter how flashy your online presence is, or how great your marketing team is, this means nothing if you can’t deliver quality. Through our retail range, we have demonstrated that we can provide consistent quality through our products at a variety of price points.

Building Trust:

The raw bottom line of a retail business is to persuade the consumer to part with their hard-earned money in exchange for a product or service. A near impossible task if you haven’t yet earned, or maintained their trust. Although providing a quality product is the first step in building consumer trust, it extends beyond this. Transparent and consistent customer service is the key to creating a brand that can be trusted. Through extensive customer service, we mitigate consumer risk and build trust with our brand.

Purpose Beyond Commerce:

Brand building has come a long way in the past 50 years, to build a memorable brand you now need strategy and social movement that people can get behind. This not only builds trust but also opportunities within your community and best of all, betters the lives of the people around you. Our purpose beyond commerce is an important aspect of our brand that we have given considerable energy to. It drives us to positively impact the lives of those around us, support our community, and inspire change through example.

Due to the brand value that we have built through our retail range, we can then apply this value to our custom socks. When someone gets a branded custom sock, that is identifiably produced by our brand, the product is instantly aligned with quality and value. This aligns your brand with the values we uphold, and by associating your brand with Swanky Socks you are aligning with the same quality and values we maintain. Increasing your brand value.

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