Product Innovation & Inciting Change - rPET Plastic Socks

Product Innovation & Inciting Change - rPET Plastic Socks

Our purpose beyond commerce drives us to positively impact the lives of those around us, support our community, and inspire change through setting an example. This is why we are always looking ahead to discover how we can incorporate innovative new products into our product line. With the introduction of rPET plastic, we aim to provide a more sustainably made and environmentally conscious option for our retail and custom socks. 


What Is rPET Plastic?

To combat the issues caused by PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) various engineers, designers and environmentalists have been innovating new ways to control the creation and distribution of PET plastics. One of the most common outcomes emphasising the recycling these plastics into a new recycles polyester material, known as recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or rPET.


How Is It Used?

PET is one of the widest used plastics in the world. It is frequently used as packaging for food, drinks, cosmetics, household cleaning products and many more. It is so popular because it is lightweight, inexpensive, shatter-resistant, and most importantly, recyclable. 
Post-consumer PET material is collected through recycling programs (such as your recycling bin at home). They are then sorted and sent to a PET recycling facility. Upon arrival, the plastic is washed and have any labels removed and then is ground into ‘flakes’ that are then dried into pellets that are reintroduced as a manufacturing material. rPET is most commonly used for new products such as; fabric for clothing, athletic shoes, luggage, upholstery, automotive parts, and new PET containers. 


What Are The Benefits?

  • The use of rPET removes the need for creating any new plastic products.
  • The process of recycling PET requires less energy than glass, aluminium, or other materials.
  • To deliver 30L of a beverage in a recycles container, it takes around 12kg of recycled glass compared to around 1kg of rPET plastic.
  • rPET is lightweight and compact, allowing products to be delivered with less packaging, less weight, and use less fuel. 

rPET Swanky Socks:

Now to the best part. We can now make socks from rPET plastic! Using a specially developed yarn made from rPET we have begun to introduce rPET socks in both our retail and custom sock ranges. If custom or retail rPET socks are something you’re interested in, let us know in the comments or get in touch. Or read more about our products.

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