Swanky Socks™ performance compression socks are our most technically advanced socks, designed for all sports and everyday use. These socks feature superior padded cushioning and powerful calf support to help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. The sock has been designed to gently squeeze the leg more than your typical sock to promote better blood circulation, support your veins and diminish leg swelling. Our compression socks are perfect for high-performance athletes, pregnant women, anyone who is at risk of circulation problems, and for individuals who stand on their feet all day at work like nurses.

Premium Bamboo Fibre



What do compression socks do?

Compression socks help increase the blood flow in your body by putting pressure on the veins in your feet. The arteries in your legs that give oxygenated blood to your feet can relax and allow your blood to flow more freely, taking pressure off your heart as it doesn't need to work as hard to move blood through your veins.

Main benefits from wearing compression socks

  • Decreasing swelling in your legs and ankles.
  • Creating more circulation in the legs.
  • Preventing blood from pooling in the leg veins.
  • Helping your body with low blood pressure when you stand up after sitting down for an extended amount of time, referred to as orthostatic hypotension.
  • Reducing any pain related to varicose veins.

Compression Socks Benefits

Compression socks are great for sport as they can help reduce cramps and swelling in your legs during sport. These socks help enhance your performance over a period of time as they increase blood circulation, which helps more oxygen get to your legs, allowing for higher performance.

Main Benefits

  • Decreasing the impact of gravity.
    Compression socks are a known way to help your legs reduce the impact of gravity; this is because the pressure created from the compression socks pushes fluid up your legs, hence creating an increase of blood flow and oxygen to your body, taking pressure of the impact created from gravity.
  • Reducing cramping.
    Your body is more likely to cramp if you are moving an excessive amount. Wearing compression socks will take the pressure off your legs while moving hence reducing the effect of muscle fatigue in your calf and decreasing the chances of your body cramping.
  • Decreasing lactic acid in your legs.
    No matter what you do, your body will always produce lactic acid. When your body produces lactic acid, it is viewed as a waste product; lactic acid is what makes your body's muscles sore after you exercise. Wearing compression socks will help reduce the amount of lactic acid produced and help with any soreness in your legs muscles.
  • Increased Blood Flow.
    Wearing compression socks while participating in sport will narrow the veins in your legs which will increase the amount of blood flow. This will allow the blood to reach your body's heart quicker, creating more oxygen and helping reduce the lactic acid build-up.

Nurses are crucial to our society; they help save lives on a daily basis and promote healthy living. Nurses work long hours, with the majority of these hours being on their feet. However, recently, there has been a major trend in nurses being encouraged to wear compression socks while working to increase blood flow in the body and relieve the pressure on their feet.

Main Benefits

  • Compression socks reduce varicose veins.
    Varicose veins are referred to as twisted and enlarged veins, and occur when too much pressure is put on your body. The most commonly affected area for varicose veins that occur in the body is your legs. Compression socks help relieve the pressure on your legs and reduce any buildup of blood in your veins as the socks create a clearer path for your blood to flow throughout the body.
  • Compression socks reduce swelling.
    Nurses who spend the whole day on their feet tend to see an increased buildup of fluid in their muscles. This buildup of muscle leads to swelling and can be very painful and impact your ability to walk and complete your daily tasks as a nurse. Wearing compression socks while working will force the blood in your leg to flow throughout the rest of your body and back to your heart, creating more oxygen throughout.
  • Compression socks will increase recovery time.
    The increased blood flow and oxygen throughout your body due to compression socks will increase the recovery time for nurses after working long shifts. Wearing compression socks while recovering is also beneficial as during this period the compression socks will boost circulation, reduce swelling, and ultimately relieve any soreness in your body’s legs, and feet.

When pregnant it's a good idea to invest in some compression socks; they help reduce stress and any pain in your legs. Sore legs are very common throughout pregnancy and wearing compression socks will help increase circulation of blood and create oxygen for your body, making everyday life more comfortable.

Main Benefits

  • Relieves aches in your legs.
    A frequent issue for pregnant women is aches and pains in their legs that are regularly sore and aching. Wearing compression socks can improve the circulation of blood in the body, helping relieve any pain from an aching leg.
  • Improve Lymphatic Drainage.
    Lymphedema is a health issue that occurs when the lymph vessels are unable to drain lymph fluid; this usually occurs in your arm or leg. This issue can be common for pregnant women, when this happens it is important the fluid is drained to ensure swelling doesn't occur. Wearing compression socks will increase the blood flow in your body, allowing the lymph in your body muscle tissue to drain and ease any swelling.