Our inner eco-warriors best friend, bamboo is one of the most sustainable textile sources in the world. It creates a super soft, breathable yarn that we use to create a unique fashion statement.

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Swanky Socks Bamboo Socks

Designed in Australia, Swanky Socks™ has created a range of colourful bamboo socks perfect for every day of the week. We use bamboo as a material due to its eco-friendly components. Bamboo has a natural pesticide called “Bamboo Kun”, which ensures there are no unsustainable chemicals being used in the harvesting process, thus creating a safer environment in the manufacturing process. Our bamboo socks are designed for superior comfort and feature antibacterial and moisture-absorbing fibers.

What Are Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo as a material is one of the world's most versatile natural materials, it has been used for centuries for many different purposes such as transport, medicine, cooking, fashion, and construction. Bamboo offers a wide variety of benefits and is an environmentally friendly material that can act as a solution in the modern world.

Bamboo socks are socks that are made out of strands of bamboo fiber which are tightly woven together. Bamboo is a fantastic option for those who are looking to purchase an eco-friendly product, the fabric itself is very soft and pleasant, and comfortable on the skin. The fiber of the bamboo material possesses antibacterial properties that absorb moisture.

Bamboo socks are environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants in our world; once fully grown the plant can replenish itself within a year. Due to the properties of the bamboo, it does not require any fertilizers or pesticides to grow, creating a safe environment for the farmers and the environment. When growing, the bamboo plant releases more oxygen into our environment while also absorbing a large amount of carbon dioxide, which improves our environment's overall air quality.

Materials like cotton require an extensive amount of chemical spray and a large amount of water through the growing process, which highlights why bamboo is an environmentally friendly material in comparison to cotton. The bamboo material is 100% biodegradable, meaning once purchased you know your bamboo socks won’t sit in a landfill and will return to the earth's soil, leaving the smallest impact on our environment.

Bamboo Socks Benefits

Bamboo socks have antibacterial properties in their fibres, which are called bamboo Kun. This fibre repels pests when the bamboo is growing and is the defining factor to why the material does not require any chemicals to grow.

Wearing socks all day can create a lot of moisture and bad smells on your feet. Bamboo socks are designed to protect your feet against moisture as the fiber is super absorbent and wicks away any moisture keeping your feet super comfortable and dry.

Bamboo socks are thermo-regulating, which means they regulate the temperature of your feet. Bamboo socks will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wearing Bamboo socks means your skin won’t suffer any skin irritation. It's common to see people with skin allergies wearing bamboo socks because of their properties being hypoallergenic. Bamboo socks are designed to be non-irritable and are the perfect pair of socks if you suffer from conditions like eczema.