Swanky Socks™ No-Show Socks are designed to stay on your feet, no matter the occasion. Our design team has spent years researching and developing the best no-show socks; these socks include advanced heel-grip technology with a silicone grip on the heel to ensure the sock stays up, superior arch support for everyday activity, and a seamless cuff for ultimate comfort. These socks have moisture absorbing fibres due to the limited amount of synthetic material used ensuring your feet never smell.

Premium Bamboo Fibre



Advanced Heel Grip Technology

One of the most common problems with all no-show socks is the sock's ability to stay on your feet; it is a problem we have all probably had with our socks slipping off and causing consistent discomfort. This problem is no more; the Swanky Socks™ design team have spent countless hours of trial and error to engineer a silicon grip on the heel of our no-show sock to ensure they stay up. We are so confident in our no-show sock product we offer a first pair guarantee on all purchases if your Swanky Socks™ no-show socks slip off your feet, you can keep the pair you tried on and just send us back the remainder of your order and we will refund the entire purchase order.

Absorbs Moisture And Bed Smells

Our socks are created with the following blend of combed cotton, nylon, and elastane and throughout the manufacturing process, we have limited the number of synthetic materials in our socks to ensure you can be confident knowing your socks won’t smell throughout the day from the moment you leave to work and when you get back to relax on the couch. Our No-Shows are designed to protect your feet and absorb any moisture keeping your feet super comfortable and dry.

The Swanky Socks™ No-Show Sock Difference

We are so proud of our product and believe we have created the most advanced and best no-show product on the market. With a combination of advanced technology and fashionable designs, there isn't another product like ours; we are so confident in ourselves we offer a first pair guarantee. After trying on our socks, if you are not happy, you can keep the original pair and send back the rest of your order and we will refund you the full amount.