Brand Collaboration: Swanky Socks x Endeavour Energy

Brand Collaboration: Swanky Socks x Endeavour Energy

It is no secret that at Swanky Socks we are committed to giving back to our community, and positively impacting the lives of those around us. We especially love when the businesses we collaborate with recognise the value and impact of our give-back program, and the impact it has on those around us. Through our purpose beyond commerce,  we are seeing our corporate give back initiative grow. This is evident through this collaborative product development and activation between Swanky Socks and Endeavour Energy.

Endeavour Energy:

Endeavour Energy was looking for a variety of custom socks that could be given out as a Christmas gift for their staff. Swanky Socks produced a trio of designs inspired by classic Swanky Sock styles and made from our premium bamboo blend.

During the design process, Endeavour Energy decided to opt into our corporate give back the initiative, a branch of our give-back program. As they opted in for our corporate give-back initiative, we ensure that for each pair of custom socks ordered by Endeavour Energy, a pair is donated to someone who needs it most. Additionally, a custom label is attached to each pair of socks informing the receiver of Endeavour Energy’s commitment to giving back to their community.

Corporate Give-Back Initiative:

Our give-back program is such a large part of our purpose beyond commerce. Through our corporate give-back initiative we have been able to extend the reach of our give-back program to positively impact more people than ever. By offering brands the option to participate in our give-back program we provide the opportunity for them to make a difference within their community. For a small fee, we will ensure that your custom order is matched, one-for-one, in a donation to those who need it most.

Next time you’re looking at custom socks, be sure to ask us about our corporate give-back initiative and discover how you can positively impact the lives of the community around you. Align your brand with quality and solidarity with Swanky Socks.


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