Maintaining Brand Relevance

Maintaining Brand Relevance

Studying some of the worlds most recognised brands proves that the most successful organisations are often the most relevant. But this doesn’t come easy. With technology and trends influencing everything they do, marketers and brand managers have a tough job staying relevant. Your customer’s perception of your brand is shaped by a variety of factors such as; how you interact with customers, how you keep up with current expectations, and whether your audience truly feels like you understand them. So how can you ensure your brand remains relevant and prospers?

Regularly Check-In With Your Audience:

Your audience is not static. It is dynamic and constantly evolving. Your audience will change as it grows, and as it responds to what is going on around them. Their attitudes, expectations and standards will be affected by countless factors, a lot of which are completely out of your control. Due to the dynamic nature of audiences, it is important to check in with them regularly, and re-asses:

  • Review ongoing data and analytics, what patterns do you notice?
  • Assess campaigns, both successful and unsuccessful. How did your audience respond to them? Has their reaction changed?
  • Feedback comes in a variety of forms, monitor comments, engagements, shares. Is your content still speaking to your audience?
  • Experiment. Try new strategies on a small scale to predict how your audience might react to a developed campaign of a similar style.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors. What are they doing, and what kind of reaction are they getting?

Stay Up To Date:

The social market is an industry that is constantly shifting. Which makes staying up to date something you really have to stay on top of. This sounds like a time consuming and laborious task when in fact it can take you as little as half an hour a day. Half an hour a day reading blogs, networking, scanning forums and other sources of information will help you stay on top of industry challenges, opportunities and trends. Additionally, be sure to constantly update your search engine optimisation strategy every three to six months. If your keywords are not relevant, your website isn’t either. Staying up to date will keep your brand relevant to your customers and can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Update Your Marketing Strategy:

Marketing tactics can go stale after a while. This may be due to over repetition or simply your marketing tactics falling out of style. By regularity updating your marketing strategy with fresh and unique tactics, you ensure your brand remains interesting and relevant. One way to update your marketing strategy is to incorporate unique promotional products. Custom Socks have rapidly become one of the top promotional marketing products around the world. By utilising creative and fun socks as a promotional product, your company can establish itself as a brand that is bold, confident and not afraid to think differently. Want to learn how your brand can benefit from custom socks? Learn more here.

The truth is that not all brands are able to pivot successfully. The key is to identify the appropriate amount of action for your business to take. However, when a business is able to evolve while remaining aligned with their core values they are able to take their brand further, in a more meaningful way.

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