Brand Collaboration: Swanky Socks X Kidney Health Australia

Brand Collaboration: Swanky Socks X Kidney Health Australia


Kidney disease is a deadly condition that affects around 1.7 million Australians. The only treatment for this disease is either dialysis or a kidney transplant. Without either, it is unlikely that a person could survive more than 2 - 3 weeks. In order to clean their blood of toxins, patients suffering from kidney disease can spend up to 60 hours or more a month hooked up to a dialysis machine. A life saving yet debilitating treatment, it can cause patients to feel cold, so warm socks are always on hand. 

This is where we come in . . . 


The Campaign:

During the month of November, Kidney Health Australia asked Australians to pull on a pair of red socks and run, roam, or ride 60kms to support those living with the daily challenges of this debilitating disease. Mirroring the average number of hours patients might spend on a dialysis machine each month.

A sports and dress sock was produced by Swanky Socks and sold on our website. The aim of the socks was to help facilitate the goal of inspiring more Australians into action. Prompting them to understand the impact of kidney disease on the lives of those suffering and those close to them, alongside raising funds for early detection activities and support services. All designed to alleviate and the impact and harm this disease causes.


Kidney Health Australia:

Kidney Health Australia focuses on connecting people with the vital information, education and support services they may require to preserve their kidney health, and increase their quality of life while they are suffering from kidney disease. Their mission is to work alongside key stakeholders and communities to help achieve innovation and improvement within the management of kidney disease. In turn, they hope that one day, every Australian can enjoy good kidney health.


The Result:

If you haven’t yet got yourself a pair of Kidney Health Australia socks then we’ve got some good news for you! Although they’ve mostly sold out, as of now there are still a few pairs left. If you’re looking for a way to support this incredible cause then get yourself a pair here. Wear a pair to show you care. 

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