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One of the most important jobs of a marketer is to deliver effective campaigns that are delivered on time and within budget while maintaining the integrity of the brand. Achieving this is all about being efficient and effective. Developing a succinct and well thought out marketing plan can help you stay on track, but building a brand model and customer profile will enable you to develop a significant understanding of both your brand and your audience, keeping you on brand and under budget.

A brand model will:

  • Ensure everyone within your company understands what branding is for, why it is important, and your organisations plan to ensure your brand resonates with consumers.
  • Create a common language within your company. Everything your company produces represents your brand, from media releases to social media posts, without a brand model you run the risk of your communication coming across as fragmented or disorganised.
  • A brand model will help your company understand the guidelines and scope of your brand, and how your company should present itself. All efforts need to have a unified level of focus and direction. 

A customer model will help you understand your audience, both current and potential customers, which will:

  • Enable you to understand where you can most effectively position your message. Without understanding the most effective way to convey your message, you are wasting both time and money.
  • Help develop the most effective message for your audience. By tailoring messages to your suit your audiences challenges and goals you can find common ground between your brand and your audience, curating a more effective and responsive relationship.

How do custom socks fit into this picture?

Socks have rapidly become one of the top promotional marketing products around the world. At Swanky Socks, we have taken everyday essential and turned it into a low cost, marketing powerhouse. Custom socks can be designed to achieve the requirements of both your brand and your message. Swanky Socks are an effective and unique marketing tool to help you deliver engaging campaigns, on time, within budget, and on-brand.

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