A Step in The Right Direction

A Step in The Right Direction

In November, 2016 Swanky socks were humbled to have been selected as a top five social enterprise in Australia where founder Tom Lawrence presented our unique sock give back vision to a panel of entrepreneurs.

If you’re new to the Swanky socks community you maybe asking how socks can create such a positive change? Socks are amongst the most wanted items in homeless shelters, yet the least donated. This issue effects over 105,000 homeless Australians every day along with millions more globally.

After learning about this I felt I had a new responsibility. I have always had the mindset of creating a positive change through Swanky socks however had never known how to make an impact. As the owner of a sock company, I truly believe I have a responsibility to ensure that every individual not only feels inspired when they wear our socks, but that those in need have access to clean and fresh socks as well.

In mid 2016 we established our give back program with an aim of providing an everyday essential to the those in need. Focused on Australia initially. For every monthly sock subscription sold, Swanky socks will dedicate another pair of clean, fresh socks to the homeless.

You see what makes this initials so exciting is that for every pair of socks sold and for every month a subscription renews, we’re donating another pair of socks. Each individual customer can potentially help us donate 36 pairs of socks p/year. Now that may not sound like a lot but do the math… We have the ability to help thousands, hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of in need individuals.

We’ve been thankful to have partnered with some respected organisations so far including Homelessness NSW, Tamworth family services and Mission Australia.

Back to the night.

So, following a 5 minute pitch and 5 minute Q and A in front of a fantastic audience and five well respected entrepreneurs, we unfortunately missed out on the top spot.

We’ve taken alot from this event and made some amazing new friends. But more importantly, we’ve been able to share our story to like-minded individuals and a wider audience.

Thanks to Pernod Ricard and Chivas Regal for putting on such a great event, and cheers for the 18 year old whiskey’s through out the night.

Live life in style, with confidence and purpose and inspire a positive change.

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