Step into Spring Racing

Step into Spring Racing

"Australia’s greatest sporting and cultural icon" This is Swanky Socks' guide to mens fashion at the 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup

Thanks to @Dapper.Tude founder Johnny Li for sharing his views on Spring racing attire.

It’s considered a time of year where the glitz, the glamour, the dandy and the dapper come out of their winter hibernation to showcase the hottest fashion trends in the market. 

Swanky Socks’ Tom Lawrence  caught up with Johnny Li, founder of powerful influencer brand @Dapper.Tude to discuss all things mens fashion when it comes to Spring racing in 2019.

The Spring racing carnival in recent years has seen a more relaxed approach to the strict rules that once graced fashion-in-the-field. Although there is still a place for the classic two or three piece suit, there has also been a strong move with race-goers pushing fashion boundaries on race day, wearing loud, colourful blazers and trousers with a mix and match attitude.

Tom: Johnny, always a pleasure catching up. Let's get straight into it - How far can we really push the boundaries when it comes to Spring racing attire? Do you believe it is still a focus for men to wear the classics or do you think the next generation of fashion-goers are really starting to push the boundaries with mens fashion?

Johnny: Men nowadays are really pushing the boundaries of spring racing attire, we're seeing alot of pastel colour palettes and bold statement pieces which is great. It gives men a chance to move out of their comfort zone.

Tom: Why do you think this is? 

Johnny: I would say because they don't usually get to wear statement pieces at work or during the week and this is the one time of the year they can.

Tom: What do you believe is the best (and most respectful) way to make a statement during Spring racing carnival?

Johnny: Being respectful means dressing well. If you are going to wear a tie, wear it properly. For the suit, get a suit that actually fits you and if it doesn’t, get it tailored from your local tailor because “dressing well is a form of good manners” Tom Ford.

Tom: Nicely put there mate! What about when it comes to socks? what do you believe is acceptable for a long dress sock? (e.g. can we wear socks with pineapples on, or should we be sticking to stripes and dots?) 

Johnny: That really depends on what coloured suit you will be wearing on the day, if you are going for something loud then the pineapple socks are the perfect accessories (however is it race-day acceptable, maybe not) but if you are going for a more classy look then subtle, clean designs likes coloured stripes or dots can work really well.

Tom: Do you think the invisible sock is taking priority now with many mens fashion trends now showcasing the tailored pants and no socks look? 

Johnny: 100%, men are now leaning towards tailored and cropped pants where they show more ankle and a good no show sock will help with this look but also maintain hygiene. I'll rock you Swanky invisible socks which are great as they don't show when i wear loafers or a low cut show.

Tom: Do you think this is appropriate considering the history of Spring Racing? 

Johnny: I wont say its appropriate but as mens fashion evolves so does fashion at the races.

Tom: That's a really good comment, you're right and i think that's huge when it comes to the future of fashion at events like this. How about other accessories - What works or doesn’t work?

Johnny: Other accessories which are a must include pocket squares and lapel pins, these would go perfect together for the races. If you want to go the extra mile, invest in a nice fedora or panama hat. 

Tom: Probably once of the most stylish lads i've seen in recent years - what’s @Dapper.Tude wearing this year?

Johnny: My wardrobe has evolved over the years and now it has been influenced with Italian tailoring, this year I’ll be looking at an unstructured linen jacket with double pleated pants, loafers and a fedora to finish the look.

Tom: Nice, look forward to seeing mate. How about sharing your three most important ‘fashion’ tips for this years Spring Racing?


Johnny: My first tip would be: You must wear a suit to the races no matter what, even if you are on a budget, go to Target or YD, pick up a suit and get it tailored to your body because wearing a suit to the races is showing respect.

Secondly, go outside your comfort zone with colours, wear a colour you don't normally wear.

Lastly, if you are wearing dress shoes, be nice to your feet and wear socks, the Big Dots Socks would work with any dark coloured outfit

Smooth haha, our big dot socks have been moving really well actually so maybe you’re ‘spot’ on here.

It’s easy to see that race day is more than just picking a winner and having a few drinks. It’s an opportunity for you to ultimately have fun, step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your attire. You can keep it classic with subtle additions of colour showcased through accessories or take a risk and push the boundaries with an eye-popping mixed trouser/blazer combo.

How ever you dress, enjoy the occasion and don’t be afraid to make a statement. 

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