Summer Style

Summer Style

The weather is heating up in Australia, which can mean only mean one thing, trousers are getting shorter and legs are coming out. Summer is one of our favourite seasons; warm nights, BBQs on the beach and welcoming a whole new drawer of socks to match every occasion. 

Whether you’re dressing up for drinks by the harbour or down for a beach day in the sun, presentation below the knee is key to perfecting your attire now more than any other season. Our Swanky Socks team have got you and your feet covered with our Summer Socks list, with three pairs you cannot go without this season. 

Swanky Socks Summer Collection

Forget what you’ve heard before, the clash is back in the male fashion industry this summer. The incredibly playful style, ‘clashing prints’ has returned, reviving old clothing and creating a bold and confident look. Socks are the perfect low-key accessory to compliment a striking t-shirt and succeeding with this look. (Especially when it is easy to go overboard and look like your children picked out your clothes in the morning!)

How to wear them

If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend matching our Twisted Diamond socks to a printed or striped t-shirt for a striking clash of colours. Stick to a plain pair of shorts to avoid overwhelming your outfit with too many prints. Balance is key to success with this trend. Our favourite choice would be our Summer Blue sock, bringing in the bright colours of the season.  

Where to wear

  • In the beer garden of the pub or bar
  • BBQ’s 
  • At the beach 

Boats are back!

We love our socks, but we can’t deny that at times they work better hidden away under the scenes. With the boat shoe making a return this year in the bustling city streets, invisible socks have become the saviour of the shoe industry, secretly offering the same comfort and protection of a normal sock while keeping the sole focus on the style of the shoe.

How to wear

Chinos are a go-to choice for pants in dress-up situations, although shorts can be more preferable for days at the beach. We’d recommend pairing your shoes with a pair of our Big Stripes No Show socks, whose fun and creative design will make you look stylish on long hot summer nights when you can kick off the shoes and finally put your feet up.

Where to wear them

  • Work ‘dress down days’
  • Meals out with family/friends 
  • Shopping in the city
  • Beach days

Express yourself

We could not finish our Australian Summer Sock list without a mention to our all-year rounder socks. Often overlooked but a key part of your conventional day to day dress - for those times you are not striking the pavements in boat shoes or making a statement in clashing prints! The summer heat brings its own set of demands on your feet but feeling comfortable needn’t come at a cost of creativity and style. All-year rounder socks are perfect for remaining fun and stylish, whilst keeping your feet happy. 

How to wear them

Choose a fun design of socks and work them into your daily attire, whether this be a suit or a pair of jeans. A survey held by reported that men’s love for socks is founded on the ability to express pattern, colour and design within the safety of traditional male clothing. With this in mind, we recommend our Big Spot socks for their fun colour contrast. But anything that inspires you will do!

Where to wear them

  • Everywhere!

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