Ethical Production and Purpose Beyond Commerce

Ethical Production and Purpose Beyond Commerce

There is an increasing focus on the people and resources that are used to produce goods around the world. Businesses need to recognise that consumers want products that are ethically and sustainably produced. By engaging in ethical production, businesses nourish the lives of those along their supply chain. Do you know how and where your goods are being produced?

At Swanky Socks, we relentlessly monitor our entire production and supply chain through the use of SEDEX to ensure we uphold our values outlined in the purpose beyond commerce that we have cultivated. 

Who Are SEDEX?

SEDEX is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations focused on improving working conditions throughout the entire supply chain. Working alongside businesses, membership fees are invested to deliver the tools that help our factories to operate responsibly, sustainably, in such a way to protect workers rights, and to ensure that all materials are ethically sourced. 


What Does SEDEX Do?

Supply chains are long and complex and it can be difficult to see the working conditions at each stage of production. SEDEX helps our factories identify and manage ethical sourcing and risks, improving business practices. Some of the main areas SEDEX focus on are:
  • Safeguarding the rights of workers, ensuring they have a fair wage and appropriate working conditions. 
  • Continuously measure the environmental impact of production to ensure appropriate measures are being taken to reduce environmental damage.
  • Upholding ethical standards by making owners and managers responsible for their businesses practices.
  • Prevent corruption that might compromise the safety or rights of workers. 

What Are SEDEX Up To These Days?

One major area that SEDEX is currently addressing is the role and position of women within the workplace. With around 24 million women registered at SEDEX sites, they are focusing on helping members to play an important role in addressing gender equality. By highlighting the areas in which women are most vulnerable within the supply chain SEDEX are aiming to increase equality, opportunity, and safety for women along the entire supply chain


Influencing everything we do, the Swanky Socks purpose beyond commerce helps us better the lives of our community and the people we operate with. 
Ethical production, sustainable sourcing, and equal opportunity are important pillars within this purpose. We are proud to be able to say that our factories are regularly SEDEX audited. At Swanky Socks, we envision our production and supply chains as an opportunity to do our part to provide safe employment and improve the lives of those who align with us. 

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