Maximise Your Conversions With Bottom Funnel Marketing

Maximise Your Conversions With Bottom Funnel Marketing

There is countless information out there about how to build an audience, and start directing them through your marketing funnel. Which makes sense, it is the broadest and most generic part of the process. However, the bottom of the funnel content is just as important as it is the final point of persuasion that leads your potential customers to conversion. If the bottom of your funnel is not able to convert, then all the time you put in at the top is wasted. Ensuring you have an effective funnel strategy, from top to bottom will help you increase your sales and your market share.

Who is at the bottom of your funnel?

People at the bottom of your marketing funnel are warm leads. They’ve had some interaction with your brand, they are potential customers. This, however, does not mean they’ll be easy to convert. We know these potential customers are actively seeking a solution for their problem, so there’s a very high probability that they’re also near the bottom of your competitors funnel. When addressing these people, there are few things to keep in mind:

  • They’re on the verge of buying
  • They are waiting for the ‘right time’ to buy
  • They want to make the right choice, and not regret their decision.

What are your goals for these people?

So what does this mean? It means that at the bottom of your funnel, your main goals are to:

  • Show your potential customers why your brand or product is superior to competitors.
  • Inspire confidence in their purchase.
  • Expedite conversions.

What type of content should you be using?

Customer Reviews:

When it comes to bottom of the funnel marketing, customer reviews are a powerful tool. Positive reviews help build customer trust, addressing your goals of inspiring confidence in your potential customers. 83% of potential customers say that they hesitate to do business with a company if it has negative reviews online. Building a bank of positive reviews will help reassure potential customers and lead them to conversion.

Customer Success Stories:

If you want to take your reviews to the next level try collating customer success stories. Generating customer success stories is as simple as speaking to your customers after a recent win. A fresh, genuine success story shows how your product works in real scenarios, inspiring confidence into prospective clients or customers.


Comparison shopping has never been easier for customers. Instead of making your potential customers manually compare between you and your competitor, why not do it for them. Create a table outlining all the features you offer that your competitors don’t. Not only are you differentiating yourself from your competitors, but you’re also taking much of the hassle away from your potential customers, affiliating your brand with an easier life. 

Free Trials:

It’s easy to look at why free trials are a good idea when you look at the statistics. A 2017 study of B2B companies using free trials saw an average conversion rate of 66%. Free trials work best for companies that offer an intangible product or service, for example, software, apps and analytic tools. They can help to re-assure your customer that your product is right for them and expedite the conversion process.

These are just a few examples of the most effective bottom of the funnel tactics. The best way to find out what tactics work best for your business is to simply try them. Discover what works for your audience and help yourself both increase your conversion rate and market share.

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